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Ideal spot to learn how to dive or reach the next proficiency level

Scuba divers of all levels will enjoy a wide range of wrecks and healthy amounts of marine life thanks to its marine park where many species of tropical fish flourish. In short, an astonishing universe for a moment of total immersion in another world under the sea.

The Top Destinations For 2019

Malta, Gozo and Comino

With some of the most excellent wrecks and some of the most stunning underwater topography in the northern hemisphere, underwater arches, caves, superlative visibility and an array of interesting aquatic life in a very relaxed environment make the Maltese islands a must-dive location for recreational divers and techies alike.

Malapascua - Philippines

Palawan, Cebu, Boracay, Puerta Galera and more, all part of the Philippines which, like Indonesia, lies in the Coral Triangle. Malapascua, a tiny little island just off the shores of Cebu, is world famous for regular sightings of thresher sharks, but even if these magnificent fish don’t make an appearance, the Philippines as a whole have plenty to offer.

Why Divers Have A Lot Of Fun

Diving is a non-competitive individual sport

Scuba diving is a sport,

however, unlike most sports it is non-competitive and an individual sport. Many executive types take up golf, but often it ends up being an extension of work and they are always trying to shoot fewer strokes.

In diving, there are no scorecards.

You should dive with a buddy for safety reasons. However, diving is just you and the environment. An active scuba diver has a better balance in their life than most people, especially those working in an office.

A day of diving can reduce and even eliminate the stress

that is built up day after day in the office. Having a diving weekend planned gives you something to look forward to, just thinking about it will bring a smile to your face.

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Ways to Never Get Lost

Dive Safer

Get Started

Descend feet-first.

And try to remain facing in the same direction, so you can correlate what you see on the bottom with what you saw at the surface.

Stop before you go.

When you reach bottom, stop for a moment. Use your compass to orient yourself to your map. Look around for landmarks that will help you identify the scene when you return.

Look behind you.

On an out-and-back route, look back from time to time. You'll be more likely to recognize the scene on your return. Landmarks often look different from the other side.

Note compass headings.

If you need to make an underwater transit from the descent line or anchor to the reef or the top of the wall, note the compass heading and note the scene when you arrive. The reciprocal course will return you to the anchor.

Amazing Author


Sebastian Conway

Scuba diving is an other way to enjoy life, it permits you to travel all around the planet discovering the beauty of the undersea world while making new freinds!
Our PADI Instructors teach from introductory Discover Scuba Diving up to Assistant Instructor level. Our intention is not only to ensure our divers have a fun time and meet all criteria to succeed on their courses, but also that they experience the best diving Bali has to offer whilst doing so.


If you want to learn to dive, be humble, leave your baggage, and be open. Sebastian walk the walk, and have the generous heart of true teacher.


Charles Bentley

These men have heard that call, and have had the courage to drop their egos, listen and learn. This is what informs their teaching.


Shannon Hyde

I completed the rescue diver and first aid course with Sebastian. Top guy who is always happy to help. Since completing the course I’ve also had the chance to join him on some organised Dives. Highly recommended.


Robert Boyle

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Ideal spot to learn how to dive or reach the next proficiency level.

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